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Should You Buy a Home in Today's Market ?

If you’re on the fence about buying a home in today’s market, you are not alone. There are a lot of things to think about that comes with buying a home. Well that’s where I come in. With my expertise, backed by years of helping people buy homes, we will go over all the variables, the ins and outs of today’s market. I will help you truly understand where you stand in today’s market. This will make you confident that buying a home is the right thing to do.

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A tailored experience like no other Just for You to Say goodbye to sifting & searching through countless listings; we curate a selection of homes that perfectly match your preferences, ensuring your journey to finding the ideal home is efficient and satisfying

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Get ahead of the competition with The Alex Lehauli Group has Early Access to Pre/New Listings for their buyers. Be the first to explore homes that have just hit the market or are on the verge of being listed

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Stay informed, effortlessly. With The Alex Lehauli Group, you'll receive Daily/Weekly/Monthly Updates that keep you in the loop about the latest Homes on the Market

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Our experienced brokers are your partners throughout the process, offering insights, negotiation prowess, and market expertise. Count on us to ensure your home buying journey is smooth and successful

Hi , I'm Alex !

I know you might think, “”I’m not ready to talk to an agent.”” I get it. Many prefer to start their research online. But hear me out for a moment. Buying a home is a big decision—not something you do on a random Thursday afternoon. It takes a lot of preparation, research, and strategy. Think of what happens when your car breaks down. Sure, you can try to research, buy the tools, and try to fix it yourself, or find an expert who knows exactly what to do and already has the tools to get it done. For real estate, you need an actual expert. We are valuable because we save you time, money, and, more importantly, reassure you on one of the biggest financial purchases of your life. That’s me. With over 5 years of experience helping families buy and sell, I know the ins and outs of this market. If you’ve managed to make it this far, I can tell you’re serious about buying a home. Book a call with me, and let’s start making a plan.
Salt Lake Realtor Alex Lehauli
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Logan PadillaLogan Padilla
21:36 31 Mar 23
Alex was a total professional during the entire transaction. He communicated every step of the way, went to bat, and negotiated a great deal. If you're looking for not only good, but great representation, Alex is your guy.
Kylei LehauliKylei Lehauli
20:26 26 Oct 22
Alex is the best realtor in slc. He has helped me buy and sell multiple properties and had created a lifetime customer. The only realtor I trust.
Cameron ChristensenCameron Christensen
15:32 13 Oct 22
I've known Alex and worked with him in many different pursuits... One thing is certain: His care for clients and ability to serve clients is on a whole new level. I highly recommend Alex for any home buyer/seller as I myself will use Alex for any future home sale or purchase.
Jason HallJason Hall
15:07 21 Jun 22
Alex is an attentive & dedicated real estate agent who looks out for his clients’ best interests. He’s knowledgeable & hard working & I don’t hesitate to recommend him for my home buyers. Don’t think twice about calling him to help with your real estate needs.
January OlsonJanuary Olson
19:32 17 Jul 21
He is a reliable realtor ! He dedicated his time finding the home I wanted . I fully recommend him !
Maurice TalleyMaurice Talley
20:34 02 Dec 20
Alex did an awesome job helping me and my wife purchase our first home. He helped us navigate the home buying process with ease, and got us a great deal. Would definitely recommend!

Alex Lehauli

Real Estate Broker / Realtor

Team owner 

Here's a simple Overview of the home buying process

1. Consultation Call ( zoom, phone, in Person)

Join me for a comprehensive Buyer’s Consultation, where we dive into your current situation, go over your real estate goals, walk through the home buying steps, and answer all your questions about buying a home. I’m here to provide expert guidance and ensure you’re fully equipped to make informed decisions in your home buying journey.

2. Get Pre approved / Proof of Funds

Imagine you’re Black Friday shopping, not the online deals of today, but the old-school, in-store chaos from 15 years ago. You’ve battled the crowds, grabbed the best bargains, and now you’re in line to check out. But as you reach for your wallet, you realize it’s not there. You rush home to get it, but by the time you return, all the deals are gone. That’s exactly what it’s like house hunting without a pre-approval letter or proof of funds. You might find the perfect home, but without that financial ‘wallet’ in hand, you could miss out on sealing the deal. So let’s get your pre-approval

3. Intake Form

Just like when you visit the doctor, our intake form is a simple, five-minute process to collect all the info we need to get started. By completing it, you help us make sure no detail is missed in finding your perfect home

4. House Hunting

We can help explore various properties to find your perfect home. It involves comparing different homes, neighborhoods, and amenities to match your lifestyle and budget. It’s a mix of practical decisions and personal preferences.

5. Offer & Close

Crafting a competitive offer that balances your budget with the home’s value, then negotiating terms that works best. Once an agreement is reached, the closing process begins, which includes finalizing your loan, conducting a home inspection, and completing all necessary paperwork.

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Most Frequent Questions and Answers

You don’t have to get one, but it’s highly recommended. Getting a home inspection helps you understand the home’s current condition and gives you reassurance that the home will work for you.

There are many ways one can value a home. The best way to value a home is to compare homes that are similar and nearby. By taking into account what other homes sold for, we can get an idea of what the market value is.

On average,  in Utah the time it takes to buy a home, once it is under contract is about 30 days. However, the actual time it takes will depend on what stated on the purchase contract.

There are a few ways you can do this. The most common is a contingent sale or purchase. This means that a buyer of your home cannot complete the purchase until you can purchase another home or you only agree to purchase another home if you can sell your home.

Yes, a Seller can accept and reject any offer 

No, you don’t need to hire a realtor to buy a home. However, realtors have current knowledge, information, and resources to protect our home buyers in one of the biggest transactions of their lives. 

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Whether you are buying, selling, or have any questions about the market, we are here to provide you with expert guidance and personalized service. Reach out to us today, and let’s start the conversation!

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