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Marketing Expert & Realtor. I combine a depth of marketing knowledge and years of selling high end real estate in the Salt Lake area to help you take home more money

How to Sell my Home for the most amount possible ?

The “ALG Peak Profit Plan” isn’t just about selling your home; it’s about selling it smarter and for the most money possible. This plan revolves around three key pillars: Accurate Pricing, Impeccable Presentation, and Innovative Marketing. We start with pricing your home just right, This will optimize exposure and interest. Next, we focus on presenting your home in the best light, ensuring every feature is staged to impress. But where we truly stand out is in our Innovative Marketing strategy. We go way beyond basic MLS listings and social media posts. Our targeted marketing campaigns actively reach out to thousands of potential buyers each month, using data-driven techniques to ensure we’re hitting the right audience. This isn’t just marketing; it’s a strategic push to showcase your home to those most likely to fall in love with it and pay top dollar. With the ALG Peak Profit Plan, your home selling process is not only elevated but also ensures maximum return on your investment.

Less stress |  The Right Price | Maximize your investment | Less Time

Why Work with me?

Handyman & Cleaners

Ensuring that we maximize the house's presentation, our team handyman & cleaners will address major cosmetic issues, which means less work for you and a better presentation of the house.


We will get an interior designer to come in and either take your current home items and furniture and reorganize to enhance presentation or they will come in and put in their own furniture.

Home Landing Page & Ad campaign

We have a Marketing Background. We will create the home it's own unique landing page along with multiple ad campaigns to expose the home to the most amount of interested buyers

Real Estate Broker support

Our experienced brokers are your partners throughout the process, offering insights, negotiation prowess, and market expertise. Count on us to ensure your home buying journey is smooth and successful

Hi , I'm Alex !

I know you might think, “I’m not ready to talk to an agent.” I get it. Many prefer to start their research online. But hear me out for a moment. Selling a home is a big decision—not something you do on a random Thursday afternoon. It takes a lot of preparation, research, and strategy. Think of what happens when your car breaks down. Sure, you can try to research, buy the tools, and try to fix it yourself or find an expert who knows exactly what to do and already has the tools to get it done. For real estate, you need an actual expert. We are valuable because we save you time, money, and, more importantly, reassure you on selling one of your biggest assets. That’s me. With over 5 years of experience helping people sell their homes, I know the ins and outs of this market on top of my marketing background. My selling system will provide you exactly what this market needs and get a high-priced offer in no time. If you’ve managed to make it this far, I can tell you’re serious about buying a home. Book a call with me, and let’s start making a plan.

Salt Lake Realtor Alex Lehauli
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Logan PadillaLogan Padilla
21:36 31 Mar 23
Alex was a total professional during the entire transaction. He communicated every step of the way, went to bat, and negotiated a great deal. If you're looking for not only good, but great representation, Alex is your guy.
Kylei LehauliKylei Lehauli
20:26 26 Oct 22
Alex is the best realtor in slc. He has helped me buy and sell multiple properties and had created a lifetime customer. The only realtor I trust.
Cameron ChristensenCameron Christensen
15:32 13 Oct 22
I've known Alex and worked with him in many different pursuits... One thing is certain: His care for clients and ability to serve clients is on a whole new level. I highly recommend Alex for any home buyer/seller as I myself will use Alex for any future home sale or purchase.
Jason HallJason Hall
15:07 21 Jun 22
Alex is an attentive & dedicated real estate agent who looks out for his clients’ best interests. He’s knowledgeable & hard working & I don’t hesitate to recommend him for my home buyers. Don’t think twice about calling him to help with your real estate needs.
January OlsonJanuary Olson
19:32 17 Jul 21
He is a reliable realtor ! He dedicated his time finding the home I wanted . I fully recommend him !
Maurice TalleyMaurice Talley
20:34 02 Dec 20
Alex did an awesome job helping me and my wife purchase our first home. He helped us navigate the home buying process with ease, and got us a great deal. Would definitely recommend!

Alex Lehauli

Real Estate Broker / Realtor

Team owner 

Here's a simple Overview of the home selling process

1. Consultation Call ( zoom, phone, in Person)

Join me for a comprehensive Selling Consultation, where we dive into your current situation, go over your real estate goals, walk through the home selling steps, and answer all your questions about selling your home. I’m here to provide expert guidance and ensure you’re fully equipped to make informed decisions about selling your home.

2. Property Walk Through

A walkthrough before listing your property is essential for taking a closer look at every detail of your home, allowing us to craft a comprehensive game plan to prepare it for the market. During this walkthrough, we meticulously inspect each room, identifying areas that could benefit from a handyman’s touch, require deep cleaning, or need staging to enhance their appeal. This step is crucial for spotting minor issues that could be easily overlooked but might detract from your home’s value if not addressed. By assessing the property with a keen eye, we can coordinate efforts with handymen, cleaners, and stagers to ensure every aspect of your home is in pristine condition and presented in the best possible light. This not only helps in attracting potential buyers but also in securing the best possible price for your home. It’s a strategic approach to make your property stand out in the competitive market, ensuring it’s market-ready and appealing to a wide audience.

3. Set The Stage

This is our comprehensive preparation service designed to ensure your home hits the market looking its absolute best. We start by bringing in skilled handymen to complete all necessary repairs, ensuring every nook and cranny is in top condition. Next, professional cleaners are deployed to deep clean and declutter each space, creating a pristine and welcoming environment. But we don’t stop there. Our final touch involves our talented interior designer, who steps in to meticulously organize and choose the perfect colors and decor to highlight your home’s best features

4. Pre-Launch

This is our strategic initiative to generate buzz and build anticipation for your home before it officially hits the market. This phase is crucial for creating a strong initial impact and drawing in potential buyers from the get-go. We kick off with targeted marketing efforts aimed at not only capturing the interest of potential buyers but also engaging the local community. By informing neighbors and the surrounding area early on, we leverage their networks to spread the word, amplifying our reach. This approach allows us to cultivate a sense of excitement and exclusivity, making your home a highly anticipated listing.

5.Launch & Mega Open House

This marks the exciting climax of our strategic home selling process. After generating significant buzz through our Pre-Launch Advantage phase, we’re set to make a grand entrance on the market. This carefully timed approach ensures that the anticipation for your home reaches its peak just as we open the doors for viewing. By scheduling showings exclusively after our Mega Open House event, we concentrate all potential buyer interest into a single, dynamic moment. This strategy is backed by studies showing that buyers are more inclined to submit higher offers when they see active interest from others. The Mega Open House not only showcases your home in all its glory but also creates a competitive atmosphere, encouraging buyers to act swiftly and decisively.

6. Offer & Close

we meticulously evaluate every offer, not just for the highest price but also for the best terms and solid buyer qualifications, ensuring we select the most beneficial deal for you. Our expertise guides you through this complex decision-making process, aiming for an agreement that meets your goals. Transitioning seamlessly into closing, we coordinate with lenders, escrow agents, and real estate professionals, addressing potential issues proactively to facilitate a stress-free and efficient closing process.

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Most Frequent Questions and Answers

To determine the best price to market your home, we conduct a comprehensive market analysis that closely compares properties similar to yours. This report encompasses active listings, properties under contract, and homes sold within the last 180 days, providing a well-rounded view of the current market conditions. This analysis is crucial in pinpointing the optimal price point for your home, ensuring it’s competitive and appealing to potential buyers. It’s important to remember that the market value of any home is ultimately defined by what a ready and willing buyer is prepared to pay

The costs of selling a home can  include repairs, marketing, agent and commission fees, closing costs, and moving expenses. Each of these plays a part in the overall financial aspect of selling your property, from making it appealing and getting it in front of the right buyers, to covering legal fees and the physical move. It’s important to factor in these expenses early on to manage your expectations and budget effectively for the sale process.

Deciding whether to make repairs before selling your home can vary significantly depending on the situation. In some instances, repairs are necessary to ensure a smooth sale and to attract the best possible offers. In others, the cost of repairs might not be justified by the potential increase in sale price. Given the nuanced nature of repairs in real estate transactions, it’s advisable to consult with a real estate expert. An expert can assess your property comprehensively and advise on which repairs, if any, could positively impact the sale.

There are a few ways you can do this. The most common is a contingent sale or purchase. This means that a buyer of your home cannot complete the purchase until you can purchase another home or you only agree to purchase another home if you can sell your home.

The duration your property remains on the market can vary widely, from as little as a month to over a year, depending on several factors. In Salt Lake County, the average days on market (DOM) for homes priced at the median is approximately a month. However, this timeframe can differ significantly for properties outside the median range, such as a mansion in Draper, where the average DOM may be longer due to the specialized market and buyer pool for high-end homes. Given these variations, it’s crucial to consult with a real estate expert who can analyze your specific property and market dynamics.

No, you don’t need to hire a realtor to sell your  home. However, realtors have current knowledge, information, and resources to assist in selling any real property. That at times can save time and money. 

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Whether you are buying, selling, or have any questions about the market, we are here to provide you with expert guidance and personalized service. Reach out to us today, and let’s start the conversation!

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