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What is required to buy a house in Utah

August 4, 2023


      Buying a home is a major decision and an exciting milestone in your life. If you are considering purchasing a residence in the breathtaking state of Utah, you might be feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension. The process of buying a home can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer or moving to a new state. It is imperative to understand the many steps and requirements involved in buying a home in Utah to ensure that your experience is a seamless one. Fortunately, help is at hand. As a Full Time Real Estate Broker who has spent many years working in Utah’s housing market, I have the expertise and experience to guide you through each step of the process. In this blog post, I will provide you with a comprehensive guide that covers every crucial piece of information you need to know about what I think should be requirements to buy a home in Utah. So if you are looking to buy, read on …

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Requirement 1 You're all in on Buying a Home

          Buying a home is a significant decision that requires commitment and careful consideration. Spending 5 plus years helping buyers I know that this is something you  need to be all in for and that you want to do before diving in. I recommend anyone who is thinking about buying to truly take some time to assess their long-term plans and ensure they’re ready to settle down in Utah. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you plan to live in the area for at least a few years? ( I recommend to plan on 3-5 years ) 
  • Have you considered your lifestyle needs, such as proximity to work, schools, and amenities?
  • Are you ready for the financial responsibilities that come with homeownership, like property taxes and maintenance costs?


By answering yes to all these questions shows you’re all in. you’ll make a  better well-informed decision and be more prepared for the journey ahead.

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Requirement 2. You Can Afford to Buy a Home

   Purchasing a home in Utah is an exciting venture, but it requires careful financial planning and consideration. To ensure you can comfortably afford homeownership, there are several crucial financial factors to take into account. 

  1. Job Stability: A Solid Foundation Job stability is paramount when committing to such a significant financial endeavor. Feeling confident about your consistent or increasing income provides the necessary assurance to handle long-term mortgage responsibilities.

  2. True Cost of Buying: Understanding the Expenses Owning a home comes with various costs beyond the purchase price. By understanding all the expenses associated with homeownership, you can create a realistic budget and make an informed decision. From down payments to closing costs, property taxes, and ongoing maintenance, factoring in these expenses is essential for financial planning.

  3. Down Payment: Finding the Right Balance Decide on a down payment that suits your financial situation. While most lenders recommend a down payment of 10-20%, numerous lower down payment programs exist. As a first-time buyer, you might even explore options for 0% down payment. However, it’s generally advisable to have at least 3-5% saved up.

  4. Your Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI): A Crucial Metric Lenders typically look for a DTI ratio of 46% or lower when considering mortgage applications. However, it’s essential to evaluate your DTI based on your lifestyle and financial goals. Calculate your monthly income, subtract your regular expenses, and determine how much you’re comfortable allocating towards homeownership.

By comprehensively understanding your financial limits, you can confidently explore homes within your price range and know exactly what to expect during the home buying process.

Requirement 3 You're Pre approved / You can Buy Cash

After determining your strong commitment to buying a home and thoroughly reviewing your financial situation, the final requirement is obtaining pre-approval for a mortgage or having cash ready for the purchase.

Getting pre-approved can involve overcoming various hurdles, such as meeting approved credit score criteria, providing a solid work history, and submitting necessary documents like tax returns and pay stubs. These factors play a crucial role in determining the mortgage program for which you qualify.

To learn more about the pre-approval process, Click Here.

Once you receive full approval, you have officially completed all the requirements to buy a home in Utah according to my book. You have successfully affirmed your desire to purchase a home here, assessed your affordability, and obtained pre-approval or secured enough cash for the purchase. The only thing left to do now is to contact me and my team so we can start the exciting journey of finding the perfect home for you. Let’s go and find the right home together!

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